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Recruitment can be expensive. When it succeeds and especially when it doesn’t.

Recruitment is a management discipline that is often one of the biggest challenges for companies, and it demands a lot of time and ressources.

The time spent is often related to the quality of the recruitment process, but challenges come in many forms, and it is difficult to foresee and prevent them. Therefore, we have prepared a calculator based on sales recruitments and the cost of missing one or more salespeople in your team. In short, this means that we are looking at both the cost of having a salesperson and the budget that had to be met. In other words, the revenue that the company potentially misses out on by having an “empty chair”.

In this way, we can discuss both the commercial and strategic part of your recruitment, and of course calculate the return of your investment (ROI).

There’s only a few things we need to allow us to have a constructive conversation with you afterwards – we look forward to it!

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